fredag den 1. november 2019

Thanks to the team leaders!

Ina Eriksen, Linda Penttilä, Birgitte Rønsner and Tytti Lintenhofer
When someone does a good job, they must be recognized for it. When they do something extraordinary, they must be even more recognized for it.

During the evaluation of the Nordic Rally Obedience Championship 2019 last weekend, I was made aware of an embarrassing oversight at the award ceremony Sunday. Reserves, helpers, secretaries, judges and all teams were called into the ring and thanked and honoured.

But what happened to the team leaders …

A huge apology to the four team leaders: Ina Eriksen (Norway), Linda Penttilä (Sweden), Birgitte Rønsner (Denmark) and Tytti Lintenhofer (Finland). I am so sorry I forgot you ☹

With delay I want to thank you all for your invaluable efforts during the Championship. Each of you have done a tremendous job to make sure YOUR team got the best possible conditions before, during and after the weekend. You have created team spirit, inspired, supported, helped, laughed and cried with your teams. You have been smiling and helpful throughout the process and all small and major problems have been solved without problems, because you have been constructive and solution oriented.

Thank you for your wonderful and highly appreciated work!

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